George Aman’s Interviews

George Aman Center for Military History Interview

Center for Military History interview (NEIT 419)

George Aman is in his office on the second floor of the Arlington National Cemetery office building when he is interviewed. During the interview he will be pointing out of the windows toward the incoming flight path.

Page 2: The interviewer sets the stage for the interview:

And today I am at Arlington National Cemetery with [George Aman]. He is the facility Manager of Arlington National Cemetery and on the date of September 11th, 2001 —observed the commercial airliner crash into the Pentagon …

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I went outside and we were standing up here watching down there, watching it burn … I’m watching the sky, I’m watching the sky and I hear two sonic booms. And I said, oh, God, here they come …”

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George Aman: “So I was just looking out, look out here and I see this plane coming down here and I thought it was coming, going to hit this building. And I said good God Almighty. So I’m just petrified. I’m looking. The plane flys right over the parking lot here, I would see the people sitting in the airplane, yes. I’m saying good God [Note1]. And just, it’s just not registering, you know, its so weird. So then I’m seeing it, its going by here and it sounds like he really stepped on the gas and just really poured the coals to it. And I go from here over to this one here and I’m looking out and, as you can see, you can see right over there where its at.

Center For Military History Interviewer: That’s maybe 800 feet?

George Aman: “And I’m just watching and I’m just amazed that it, it happened pretty quick, too. And it hit the thing, and it was just the most god-awful loudest noise. I mean you could hear it like in 3-D. You know, I could see, you could hear it, bam. And then just you could hear it crumbling, crushing like an accordion and then boom. Just like a smash, crunch, pow when all the fuel blew up.”

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Center For Military History Interviewer: When you first saw it, from here to there, how long did it take.

George Aman: From here to over there? Matter of seconds. When I seen he was kind of turning and gliding when he come across here, across the parking lot but when he got out right in front of here, it sounded like he poured the coals to it. Yes, and that’s when I looked over here and then when I was looking over here and I seen things fly up in there, not knowing really what the hell they were but come to find out they were streetlights. So the plane was clipping the tops of the streetlights off…

C.I.T.’s Interview

The C.I.T. interviews do not question Aman about these vivid recollections. Instead, they focus only on the vague, and imprecise, assertion of seeing the plane “over” the Navy Annex.

In this interview, where are the questions about “clipping the tops of the streetlights off …” They are nowhere.

Source: Pentagon Attack North Side Witness George Aman

Forgiving embellishments for favorable witnesses, in the C.I.T. audio above, Craig Ranke says the following:

… it was so close to him that he thought he could see the people in the windows. Now, does this discredit him? Does this make you think there no way he could be an honest person? Well, deduction and embellishment is a typical eyewitness tendancy for innocent eyewitnesses. The fact that the plane was so close, and this was such a shocking event it doesn’t surprise me at all that he would thinks he saw people in the windows. The place he saw the plane corroborates everyone else [sic.], in the Center for Military History interview he describes it as turning and gliding a …

Neither Craig McKee nor Craig Ranke are so sanguine when it somes to other witnesses that they want to discredit. So consistency is lacking in their Pyrite standard of interviewing.


Note 1: Craig dismisses other witnesses who said they saw people in the plane, but seems to endorse portions of George Aman’s recounting

And you defend Steve Storti whose account is completely impossible. Are you seriously saying he could see people blocking the light that was shining through windows on both sides of the plane from ¾ of a mile away?

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