Comment 15: No Evidence For Explosives

Craig states that explosives were used at the Pentagon:

[in response to Cheryl’s question about explosives]

Yeah absolutely that’s something Barbara has talked about for many years now. And there are people inside the Pentagon who smelled cordite. Several people reported that…

There’s also a part of that the foundation in the path of what what would have been in the path of the plane – in the damage path – that was blown up as if from below. This is even mentioned in the Pentagon Building Performance Report. There’s no particular explanation for how that could’ve happened.

There is no photographic evidence or forensic evidence of explosives that caused the damage.

The fireball that went off at 9:42 and 40 seconds is frequently cited. But video cameras from a distance show only a fireball that may have been an exploding propane tank for equipment like a forklift.

The following video reviews the evidence for explosives and none is found.