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Subject: Lloyde England lightpole

Lloyde England claims that his cab was hit by a lightpole that went into his cab, damaged the passenger seat and pushed it of it’s hinges, lodge in the back seat and was resting on the dashboard of his cab with the pole extending out over the hood.

Photos from the scene show a long light pole with a broken base at one end and narrower end near where the arm supporting the light was attached. The pole is bent in an area close to the narrow end , which would be the end furthest from the ground when the pole was standing. The photos also show the that the light was attached to lying on the ground near the cab.

The only items that can have speared his cab are the long lightpole or the short light support arm.

The light support arm from the photos can be seen to be approximately the same length as the width of the cab. The 1990 Lincoln Town car is 6ft 6″ wide. That would make the support arm of the pole which would be approximately between 6 and 7 feet long. This would be approximately the distance between the dashboard of the car and the back seat therefore if it was this support arm that had hit the car and gone to the back seat there would be very little if any of it extending out over the hood of the car. There is no obvious or significant bend in the support arm.

In the CIT video ‘The First Know Accomplice (Featuring Lloyde England) England is interviewed:

The First Known Accomplice? (Featuring Lloyde England) This video was originally released in September of 2007 and features Citizen Investigation Team’s first interview with 9/11 Pentagon attack taxicab driver Lloyde …

@5.00 : NBC interview:

Lloyde “The plane was so low it hit the pole and when it hit the pole it knocked the light part off and nothing came through the car but the pole itself”


@5.40: In 2006 CIT recorded audio before their video.

Q: Which piece did you take out of the window?

Lloyde::” The long piece. The part ..was from the ground .. (indistinct) off the ground. It went all the way through the car through the back seat, it was still sticking out across the hood. ”

@7.30 :video interview with Lloyde England:

He talks about the other driver who stopped.

“He helped me get the pole out. The pole happened to be bent, we pulled the pole out and the pole was bent and the bent part took me down to the ground, I fell down on my back but I held the pole up. ..”

@16.35 :

Lloyde “We took the pole out and the bent part went to the bottom” (gestures)
Q: “So it slipped”
Q: The bent part..
Lloyde:”Yeah, and it took me down.. “

It’s clear the the pole he is talking about was bent and that when the bent part went down , it was heavy enough to take him down to the ground.

The arm holding the light has no bend of any significance and is too short to be projecting over the hood and is not heavy enough to be likely to cause him to fall to the ground.


I don’t know why there is any dispute about this. It is clear that he is talking about the long pole with the bend in it.

Lloyd’s Taxi after the outer E-Ring collapsed.


Colin Doran


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