Craig’s Evidence

Craig’s Stated Evidence for What Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11

None. Craig criticizes whatever anybody else says, but avoids stating any evidence for what he strongly asserts happened.

Craig’s only (acknowledged) witness

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Let’s stick to the Roosevelt Roberts topic.

At a slower speed … and fewer seconds from the time of his hearing the explosion ( a big “if”) – the plane would be a mile away (instead of nearly two miles) and he would be looking at only the tail from the rear. This would not look like the plane he described flying around the south parking lot.

However, from the East loading dock, in the South Parking lot, Roosevelt would have been looking at the landing approach for national airport. The plane would have been mostly sideways from his perspective. This seems to be the most likely explanation for his quick observation.

Have I missed something from his recounting of the incident? Do you have an explanation for how a high-speed plane could have behaved as he described it?

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I am shocked to see you reference Roosevelt Roberts as a credible witness to a flyover. Have you actually listened to his testimony? Have you done the math?

According to his testimony, he would have seen the plane about 1.5 miles past the Pentagon under the assumption of 540 mph speed and ten seconds after the sound of explosion (add a second or two for the sound to have reached him at that location — for a total of about 12 seconds). He certainly did not see your North-of-Citgo plane “flying around the South Parking lot.”

Here is what Roberts said shortly after 9/11.

Library of Congress interview:

at 1:29

Roosevelt Roberts: As I hang up the phone, the plane hit the building. It all came at the same time – watching the TV it was almost timed. So precise. As I hung up the phone and ran to the center of the dock – and I looked up and I saw another plane flying around the south parking about like 9:11 or 9:12 in the morning. And then there was dust and stuff coming from the ceilings and you could hear people scream. So what I did was turn around and drew out my weapon – I didn’t know what was going on – I thought we were being invaded – I didn’t know what was happening. So I ran back in South Loading and I start forcing people out of the building …

Here is his testimony to CIT years later:

Aldo: Jet engines. Okay. Um, uh- so- uh- y- how close were you to running outside ’cause this seemed to be pretty qui-eh- at least from what your account sounded like; it sounded like literally the explosion happened, and then you ran outside. I mean do you remember how many seconds it was when you heard the explosion and then saw that plane?
Roosevelt: From the time the explosion hit, oh. . . I ran outside and saw- it’s a loading dock, and you can run right out to the. . . look out and look off.
Aldo: Uh-hum.
Roosevelt: And then uh. . . you see the flickering lights. . . uh, and saw the area, and then. . . uh, real quick I realized that it was some sort of attack, and there was going to be a counter-measure with it.
Aldo: Right. So, how many seconds-
Roosevelt: Uh. . .
Aldo: -would you guess?
Roosevelt: Maybe, uh. . . ten seconds tops.
Aldo: Ten seconds tops?
Roosevelt: Ten seconds tops.
Aldo: So you- you heard the explosion and ten seconds later you were outside and you were able to see that plane?
Roosevelt: Correct. You could see that plane just as clear as day. Couldn’t miss it.

Craig’s “Gold Standard” says that he saw “that plane just as clear as day“… “flying around the south parking.” A plane that would have traveled away 1.5 miles from the Pentagon (NOTE: distance traveled at 10 seconds at about 800 ft/sec = 8000 feet – 1.5 miles) from the Pentagon cannot be mis-remembered as a plane flying around the south parking lot.


Note: There was no plane captured on Doubletree security videos.