Comment 6: No Large Wreckage

While Craig is correct that there are no large pieces of the wings or the tail section outside the Pentagon, the witnesses, and more importantly the physical damage, show conclusively that the impacting plane penetrated through a relatively weak outer E-Ring wall.

Craig asserts that the opening is too small for a 757 to have entered, and yet later in this interview he correctly states that there are 90 feet of severed columns. Furthermore, he correctly states that some of the severed columns are hanging – although it is hard to imagine severed concrete columns “flapping in the breeze,” that is precisely what they are doing.

“On the ground floor, there is damaged section that’s something in the area of ninety feet wide – but – only an uninterrupted opening that’s about fifty feet. There are still some columns kind-of in-the-way – that are hanging at least, beyond that fifty feet.

How Craig can continue to assert that the plane didn’t do what the witnesses said it did – bash into the wall, enter and travel into the building is beyond me.

Craig correctly distances himself from the assertion that there is only a sixteen foot hole. This erroneous assertion is present in must early 9/11 Truth videos. He now, correctly, acknowledges that the opening in the first floor is ninety feet.

How did we get here (16 foot opening)

Size of the Opening

E-Ring Construction