Comment 5: Not Capable of Doing

Craig asserts that it can’t be shown that a 757 impacted the Pentagon. However, the damage is completely consistent with the impact of a 757 into the

So I think they have to prove that this did happen – and I think this is what they are actually not capable of doing.

The damage pattern support an by a plane with the dimensions of a Boeing 757.

While the observed / recorded damage to the Pentagon and its environs cannot identify which Boeing 757 actually hit the Pentagon, the damage path is consistent with the dimensions of a Boeing 757.

Furthermore, I make no claims about whether the impacting plane carried Barbara Olsen to her death – in other words – was it the flight known as AA 77?

Craig’s position has undoubtedly been influenced by flawed 9/11 Truth documentaries that are littered throughout the movement with unsupportable analysis of the Pentagon – most notably they include a mantra of there being only a 16 foot hole in the facade. This is discussed in the following video segment.